Time costs nothing, but spending time choosing the right mattress is an investment in your health, happiness and wellbeing. A good night’s sleep depends on a number of factors, but selecting the right mattress is the foundation to a restful and relaxing sleep – night or day.The Signature Collection of pure latex mattresses represents Dunlopillo’s blueprint for absolute comfort. Each one of our six mattresses offers a truly unique environment to rest, relax and unwind. Each mattress has been designed to provide excellent postural support, whilst delivering a level of unique luxury that is un-paralleled.

Our advice…please take your time to choose your perfect Dunlopillo mattress.

Please note: Dunlopillo mattresses need to be kept well ventilated and for this reason they cannot be used with a solid wood or platform top bed or divan base, and we do not recommend the use of electric blankets with Dunlopillo mattresses.

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Dunlopillo 18cm Diamond Mattress (Medium Tension)Dunlopillo 18cm Diamond Mattress (Medium Tension)
Dunlopillo 18cm Diamond Mattress (Medium Tension)
With its stylish aesthetics and contemporary depth, the Diamond mattress has been developed to optimize ergonomic support within a specifically designed Dunlopillo latex interior. Featuring an 18cm pure latex core and seven support zones, the Diamond mattress collection has been designed for those that require a mattress with medium tension. Working in harmony with the sleeper each mattress will...
from £798.00 inc VAT
Dunlopillo 18cm Firmrest Mattress (Firm Tension)Dunlopillo 18cm Firmrest Mattress (Firm Tension)
Dunlopillo 18cm Firmrest Mattress (Firm Tension)
Over 80 years of design, research and development have culminated in the perfect design blueprint for engineering firm supportive comfort. The Firmrest mattress epitomizes this quest and is unapologetically the firmest mattress in the Dunlopillo spectrum of comfort. Featuring an 18cm pure latex core and seven support zones, the Firm rest mattress collection has been designed for those that require...
from £798.00 inc VAT

Dunlopillo 21cm Celeste Mattress (Firm Tension)Dunlopillo 21cm Celeste Mattress (Firm Tension)
from £875.00 inc VAT

Dunlopillo 24cm Orchid Mattress (Firm Tension)
Dunlopillo 24cm Orchid Mattress (Firm Tension)
The Orchid mattress marries the Dunlopillo blueprint for firm comfort with an extra deep comfort core. The result is a fusion of intelligent design that characterises sublime comfort, subtle support and the very best in sleep innovation. Featuring a 24cm pure latex core and seven support zones, the Orchid mattress collection has been designed for those that require a mattress with firm tension. Working...
from £931.00 inc VAT

Dunlopillo Button Line Honour HeadboardDunlopillo Button Line Honour Headboard
Dunlopillo Button Line Honour Headboard
The Honour headboard from Dunlopillo looks very similar to the Lindal but has a row of seems and pulling detail. The Honour headboard like all Dunlopillo headboards is floor standing so sits on the floor and bolts to the back of the bed. The Honour headboard is  2 heights 122cm high or upgrade to an Extra height at 135cm, it is also available  in over 20 fabrics at one standard price. 
from £189.00 inc VAT
Dunlopillo Dual Button Lindal HeadboardDunlopillo Dual Button Lindal Headboard
Dunlopillo Dual Button Lindal Headboard
Lindal headboard from Dunlopillo has a modern design with twin seams and pull detailing in the top corners. This would make a statement in your bedroom and would look good on any bed in any style of bedroom. Upholstered in a choice of fabrics, the Lindal headboard will truly enhance your bedroom. The headboard is available in two heights, Slatted Bed Fixing 70cm or Extra Height at 135cm.
from £179.00 inc VAT

Dunlopillo Multi Buttoned Rydal HeadboardDunlopillo Multi Buttoned Rydal Headboard
Dunlopillo Multi Buttoned Rydal Headboard
The Dunlopillo Rydal Slim Buttoned headboard is offered as a alternative to  the Rydal plain  finish headboard and has 2 rows of buttons and curved corners , all the Dunlopillo headboards are floor standing and are offered in 124cm high as standard or the option to upgrade to 135cm , All Dunlopillo headboards are available in 28 fabric colourways.
from £189.00 inc VAT
Dunlopillo Plain Winster HeadboardDunlopillo Plain Winster Headboard
Dunlopillo Plain Winster Headboard
The Dunlopillo Winsterl headboard is offered as a Plain finish. All Dunlopillo headboards come as standard at 124cm high or you can upgrade to a extra high headboard at 135cm.All Dunlopillo headboards are floor standing and are offered in over 20 fabric colourways mostly at one standard price .  The Winster headboard is 122  cm high as standard and will fit to the back of any same size divan bed.
from £181.30 inc VAT

Dunlopillo Electric Adjustable Divan BaseDunlopillo Electric Adjustable Divan Base
Dunlopillo Electric Adjustable Divan Base
The ultimate in stylish and functional comfort, the Dunlopillo adjustable electric base is a fluid harmony of practicality, innovation and design. The sprung birch wood slats individually flex to your body shape, weight and movement providing a firm yet supportive foundation to your Dunlopillo mattress. As with the slatted base the firmness of the system can also be controlled through the use of cleverly...
from £929.00 inc VAT
Dunlopillo Slatted Divan BaseDunlopillo Slatted Divan Base
Dunlopillo Slatted Divan Base
The Dunlopillo slatted base incorporates our supremely comfortable sprung birchwood slat system. Driven by our blueprint for comfort, the slat system has been designed to flex to your body weight and movement offering a firmer level of support and comfort compared to the sprung edge base. This system also dramatically increases airflow beneath the mattress, which in turn enhances the natural breathable...
from £439.00 inc VAT

Dunlopillo Ottoman BaseDunlopillo Ottoman Base
Dunlopillo Ottoman Base
Electric Ottoman The electric ottoman divan is an ideal solution if space is limited in your bedroom as it provides generous storage space for linen, towels or clothes. The base has an electric motor(s) and is easily operated with the wireless remote control. Ventilation holes have been drilled in the lid of the ottoman to allow air to circulate through the upholstery fabric and the mattress positioned...
from £679.00 inc VAT

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