Bed Buying Guide

The Hafren Furnishers Bed buying guide is full of useful tips. You typically spend around a third of your life asleep. An old or uncomfortable bed won’t give you the restful sleep you need to lead a happy, healthy life.

So if your bed is more than 10 years old or you wake regularly through the night then it’s probably time to buy a new one.

Choosing your new bed is an investment in your wellbeing. Spend as much as you can afford to – the more expensive the bed, the more support and comfort it can offer.

Big is best

Choose the largest bed for your bedroom (space permitting) especially if you are sharing the bed. More space means a more comfortable night and less disturbance from your partner. Always check you can physically get the new bed in the bedroom or consider the option of a zip and link bed if access is likely to be a problem. (This can often be relevant for king and super king size beds)

Try for yourself

Remember that comfort is very subjective and we would strongly recommend that you visit our extensive modern bed studio with more than 60 beds on display to try for yourself. Don’t just sit on the edge and bounce up and down, actually lie down and stay there for a while. Don’t be embarrassed about lying on the beds in the showroom – that is what they are there for!

Standard Bed Sizes in the UK:

Bed/Mattress description

Mattress size (cm)

Imperial   (feet)

 Small single

W75 x L190

2'6"   x 6'3"


W90 x L190

3' x   6'3"

 Small double

W120 x L190

4' x   6'3"


W135 x L190

4'6"   x 6'3"

 King Size

W150 x L200

5' x   6'6"

 Super King Size

W180 x L200

6' x   6'6"

 Super King Size Zipped and Linked

W180 x L200

6' x   6'6"

 Bed Options

At Hafren Furnishers we offer a vast range of beds, including all the world’s best bed brands. Whatever level of comfort, luxury, quality, style and value you’re looking for, we can help, with one of the best selections of beds in the Country.

Divan Beds
Divan beds are made up of a base and mattress, which combine to give the best support and comfort.

Adjustable Beds
Electrically adjustable beds are easy to operate and can be manoeuvred into any position, often used to aid mobility.

Headboards are an optional extra, but they can add the finishing touch to your bedroom.

Storage Options
Depending on the bed you want, there are a number of options available, all of which offer valuable storage space.

Guest Beds
For those short of space but needing an extra bed, a single divan with a pull-out bed underneath is a great solution.

Most bedsteads support a mattress on solid timber slats fixed to a frame; some come with a metal frame support and integrated sprung wooden slats.

Mattress features
The mattress is the heart of your bed and the part of the purchase you should spend most time and money on.

Mattresses with Springs

Open Coil
This is the most basic and simple spring system. Rows of springs are joined with a spiral wire, running top to bottom. Open coil often gives a firmer feel.


Pocket Sprung
Each spring is housed in separate fabric pockets. The mattress fits the sleeper’s shape as each spring responds individually to the contours of your body, for ultimate comfort and support. Pocket springs are also ideal if you & your partner are different sizes as the springs protect against “roll together”. As pocket springs provide exceptional support, they are also effective if you or your partner are a little on the heavy side.

As a general rule, the more pocket springs that there are in a mattress, the better the support.


Mattresses without Springs

Memory Foam - As you lie on memory foam, it responds to your body temperature and moulds itself to your contours, relieving pressure points and helping relieve symptoms of backache, painful joints and circulatory problems, giving the optimum level of support and comfort. When you get up, it returns to its original shape, hence the name. An added bonus is that you’ll never have to turn the mattress.


Latex Foam - Natural latex, the “milk” of the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, is processed to create a plush comfort layer. The latex complements the responsive action of the springs, supporting your body and moulding to your contours. Latex is naturally hypoallergenic and latex is also aerated for effective ventilation. Our latex mattresses are extremely resilient so do not need to be turned.


Other Options:

Pillow Top
Pillow top mattresses feature an extra layer of soft, pillow-like material on top of the standard mattress construction. These mattresses are one-sided, meaning it is not necessary to turn the mattress over, only to turn it end-to-end every so often.

No Turn Mattresses
Standard mattresses require turning regularly to maximise its lifespan, especially on pocket sprung mattresses, as it ensures all the springs receive even amounts of pressure. However, if turning a heavy mattress would prove difficult, then we would recommend a single-sided, no-turn mattress, as this only needs to be rotated periodically, and not flipped over.


Base types

The base type makes a huge difference to the overall feel of the bed:




Base Type



Sprung Edge

Fully sprung base designed for durability and   comfort.
  Works in conjunction with the mattress.

Gives added comfort while prolonging the life of your   mattress.

Platform Top

A solid top base.

Ideal for providing a firmer feel to the bed.

Sprung Slatted Base

Curved wooden slats, which sit within the frame.

The natural bounce in the slats adjusts to your   profile where the most pressure is exerted giving a greater degree of   comfort.

Slatted Base

Most common mattress support system used on   bedsteads. Usually fixed wooden slats.

Offers a firmer base.


Sprung Edge

The name 'sprung edge' can be a little misleading, as this type of base has a fully sprung top and not just the edges as its name suggests. Considered the most luxurious of bases, they provide even support across the whole mattress, with no hard edges, which helps create a softer feel and works with the mattress to 'take the strain'. The result makes the whole bed feel softer and will increase the life of the mattress. But if you prefer something slightly firmer, then a 'platform top' option may be more suitable.


Platform Top

This type of base has a solid top without springs. Constructed with a wooden frame, which is upholstered with a layer of padding on top, it is also a cheaper option, as it uses fewer materials and less labour. A platform top base will make the whole bed feel firmer and is often used in conjunction with orthopaedic mattresses.


Sprung Slatted Base

Slats are the most common type of mattress support system used on bedsteads. A base with sprung slats features curved wooden slats, usually made of beech, which sit within the frame. The natural bounce in the slats means that they will adjust to your profile where you exert the most pressure. A larger bed will have a double spring unit, one on each side, supported by a central rail, which eliminates roll together and ensures you will not be disturbed when your partner gets out of bed.


Slatted Base

This is the most common mattress support system used with bed frames. It features wooden slats, usually made of pine or beech, which are fixed within the frame. This system has the benefit of allowing air to move below the mattress and therefore lets it breathe. A larger bed will also have a support bar down the middle of the bed. This gives extra stability to the bedstead and your mattress.


Storage drawer Options:

Most divans offer the option to incorporate drawer storage. Whether they are located within the sides or the foot end of the base, they offer valuable extra storage for anyone whose space is limited. Storage units do not affect the stability or comfort of the bed, but they do cost a little more. Alternatively a new innovation is to incorporate an ottoman storage whereby the base and mattress would lift at one end providing storage area under the bed.


Drawer combinations for single beds

2 Drawer


Drawer combinations for double, king, super king beds

2 Drawer
End Drawer
2 Drawer & End Drawer
4 Drawer

2+2 drawer (continental)


Firmness of your new bed

Lower priced mattresses are produced in standard tension, whilst some more expensive options have a choice of soft, medium or firm tensions.

If you sleep with a partner and both find different tensions comfortable, we can create a mattress with different tensions on each side.


Pillows and Protectors

While your new bed supports your body, your new pillow gives comfort and support to your neck and head. We offer all kinds of traditional feather and fibre pillows, each with different support, comfort and anti allergy benefits.

We also offer mattress protectors, mattress pads for bedsteads, and mattress toppers (quilted tops used beneath the bottom sheet for an extra layer of comfort)