Metal Beds Metal Bed Frames

The strength and design of our Metal Beds range sets us apart from what others have to offer.

We set our own specifications and simply don’t accept what is on offer in manufacturers showrooms.

All but one of our metal bed frames do not require centre legs as the bases are strengthened.

Our reinforced side rails are heavy duty and form the foundation of our beds reliability.

Several of our models are suitable for use in contract situations. Two of them carry a five year warranty and are tested & certified by FIRA and /or SGS.

We are rightly proud of our bed frames, and we hope you will be too when considering your next bed frame supplier.

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Metal Beds Atlanta Bed FrameMetal Beds Atlanta Bed Frame
Metal Beds Atlanta Bed Frame
A brilliant reinforced contract grade mesh based bed frame. It is a modern looking bed frame that has reinforced side rails and exclusive meshed based system. A very modern, practical geometric design that is suitable for both Contract & Domestic settings. This lovely Black & Silver bed frame is very quick & simple to assemble. Instructions and fittings supplied.
from £189.00 inc VAT
Metal Beds Bristol BedsteadMetal Beds Bristol Bedstead
Metal Beds Bristol Bedstead
New design with low foot end, reinforced side rails and mesh base.
from £199.00 inc VAT

Metal Beds Cambridge BedsteadMetal Beds Cambridge Bedstead
Metal Beds Cambridge Bedstead
A beautiful traditional looking bed frame, updated to the latest trend of mesh bases.
from £239.00 inc VAT
Metal Beds Contract BedsteadMetal Beds Contract Bedstead
Metal Beds Contract Bedstead
A silver finished contract specification bed frame, with thousands sold already in the UK.
from £159.00 inc VAT

Metal Beds Cuba BedsteadMetal Beds Cuba Bedstead
Metal Beds Cuba Bedstead
An unbelievably strong looking metal bed frame, built to last.
from £179.00 inc VAT
Metal Beds Eaton Bed FrameMetal Beds Eaton Bed Frame
Metal Beds Eaton Bed Frame
Reinforced side rails and extra cross bars for an incredibly strong mesh bed frame.
from £179.00 inc VAT